Homework: Week of 5.9.16

Honors Chemistry

Monday, 5.9:

Period 1:

  • Bring in shiny pennies for tomorrow’s lab.

Tuesday, 5.10:

Period 3:

  • Complete pp. 36 in unit 12 packet.
  • Bring in shiny pennies for tomorrow’s lab.

Wednesday, 5.11:

Period 1:

  • Complete pp. 35 & 36 in Unit 12 packet.

Thursday, 5.12:

What we did if you were out today:

Period 1:

  • Batteries Activity on pp. 51- 55
  • Redox Review Puzzle pp. 57

Period 3:

  • Redox Review Puzzle pp. 57

Friday, 5.13:

AP Biology:

  • You need headphones for class on Thursday.
  • I need you to return your textbook, if you took one at the start of the year.
  • I mean, at some point you should probably be studying for your final (happening in class on Tuesday, 5/24)
  • Also, you’ll need to get the movie viewing permission slip signed This Week.
  • If you take the Fact or Fiction Activity home with you on Thursday, you should hand it in on Friday.
  • And then there is the issue of the final project, which we will begin this friday, and which is due on Wednesday, June 8.
  • Fill out the end-of-year survey (link reminded and emailed to you).
  • But other than those things, I’ve got nothing left for you.

Link for Thursday’s Activity: