AP Biology

Here’s a listing of the various resources that are used in AP Biology:

  • AP Biology WikiThis is where electronic copies of all materials, project, presentations, etc., are stored.  Think of it as a digital library for the course.
  • AP Biology PosterboardThe specific location on the wiki where materials are posted.  Go here, there is gold for you.  The following sections contain documents that are used in class
  • Presentations – Copies of all presentations & pre-discussion questions (your major source of homework in this class).
  • Projects & Handouts – Copies of all project guidelines and handouts (you’ll only get one from me)
  • Labs – Copies of all labs and lab related materials (you only get one from me).
  • AP Biology LinksA curated list of AP Biology web resources. Some are directly used in class, many others are listed to help you help yourself.

8 thoughts on “AP Biology”

  1. Mr. Knuffke, Thank you so much for sharing you AP Biology Resources. This is my second year teaching AP Biology, I wouldn’t have gotten through the first year without your resources!

  2. Thank you Mr. Knuffke! I really appreciate all the “help” you have given me and my students. Thank you for being generous with your ideas and resources.

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