AP Bio-Domain 0. Activities


Summer Assignment

AP Bio Rules, Grades, Procedures

AP Bio Learning Plan

Adapted by me from original work done by Bob Kuhn.

Summative Assessment Corrections Procedures

What A Scientific Explanation Looks Like

Adapted by me from Sutherland, McNeill, & Colson in Linking science & literacy in the classroom

Scientific Explanation Tool

From BSCS.

AP Biology Formula Sheet

From The College Board

Course-Aligned Activities:

Science Practice 1:

Model Analysis Activity

Working in groups of three or four, analyze a model:

  • Graphically represent the model.
  • Explain what it being modeled.
  • Describe the simplifications in the model.

Science Practice 2:

Using appropriate mathematics.

Estimation Activity

Estimate each of the following:

  • The number of students in the school.
  • The number of people in deer park.
  • The number of hairs on your arm.

How is the process that you use similar for each of these activities? How is it different?

Science Practice 3:

Asking scientific questions.

Scientific Questioning Activity

Working in groups of three or four, ask some questions:

  • Pick an area of biology that interests you.
  • Write two examples of scientifically valid questions.
  • Write two examples of scientifically invalid questions

What makes a particular question more or less valid for scientific inquiry?
Revise your scientifically invalid questions to make them valid.

Science Practice 4:

Collecting data.Performance Indicators:

Data Collection Activity

You are interested in investigating the feeding preferences of slugs.

  • Determine how you are going to collect data.
  • Determine what data you will collect.
  • Explain how your data will help you address your question.

Science Practice 5:

Analyzing data.

Statistics Worksheets

From Duncan Rhodes (I think)

Science Practice 6:

Working with explanations and theories.

Space Invaders

Adapted by Bob Kuhn from a variety of sources.

The Explanation Tool

Developed by BSCS.

Science Practice 7:

Connecting domains of knowledge.

Inter-Domain Thinking Activity

Choose one of the following statements of biological knowledge:

  • Living systems must acquire energy from the environment.
  • The cell is the fundamental unit of organization in living systems.
  • All living systems share a common ancestor billions of years ago.

List the knowledge from other scientific fields that will inform and support your chosen statement.

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