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Honors Chemistry CK12 Class Group

During mid-year conferences, many students indicated they could use some additional help studying.  So, I’ve created a class group on CK12.  It’s totally free, and has a TON of resources you can use.

I’d like all Honors Chemistry students to enroll.  Joining the class allows me to share content with you and keep track of how well you do on your CK-12 practice assignments (these are totally optional, and not graded).

To join:
1. Go to
2. Click Join to create an account, or Sign In.
3. Click Groups.
4. Click Join a Group.
5. Enter code: kbwmo

I think this will be a powerfully useful tool for you as you continue to develop your chemistry understanding.

Review Book Information!

hTtbN0CYou are required to acquire a review book for class.  We are able to order them through the school at a substantial discount (as much as 50%).

Honors Chemistry:  The cost of the book is $9

AP Bio:  The cost of the book is $10

Cash, or check made out to “Deer Park High School” are acceptable forms of payment.

All review book money is due by Friday, February 14th.

If you would prefer to acquire the book on your own, please let me know and I will get you the ordering information.


Midterm Review Materials


It is important that you actively prepare for your midterm exam.  The midterm will count as 1/11 of your final grade in the course.  Fortunately, there are many materials you can use to prepare for the exam

The following is a comprehensive list of review materials for upcoming midterm exams:

Honors Chemistry


Thursday, 1/30 from 12 to 3pm

Review Materials:

AP Biology


Tuesday, 1/28 from 12 to 3 pm.

Review Materials: