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Note on the Status of (Fall 2017 Update)


You may or may not be aware that in the fall of 2016, I became the  Curriculum Associate for Science & Technology in Deer Park UFSD (the place where I have spent my entire career to this point as a teacher).  Among other things that means that I’m not teaching classes anymore, and not as focused on updating and maintaining

But What About The Goods?

Aside from my students, the major portion of traffic consists of teachers and students from other places, who are accessing the resources that are available.  At current, there are no plans to take down.  All resources remain available at the same place on this site that they have always been available (Chemistry here, and AP Biology here).   My web host for this site is awesome, and cheap.   At the same time, it’s not free.  If you would like to contribute to the longterm status of, you can support the site (by supporting me) either on PayPal (one-time thing) or Patreon (more sustaining support).

What about <OTHER THING>?

I’m sure I have an answer.  Contact me to find out what it is.


Words can not express how awesome I think it is that so many people find this website useful for their own teaching.  I am fully aware that many people visit every day to use the stuff I’ve put here.  I promise that I won’t do anything to darken your instructional day without at least giving you a crapton of warning in advance.

Up and Running (but still building)


Hey Hey.

Welcome!  You’ve caught us in the middle of a move from a google site backend to a wordpress backend.  Most of the features that you may have grown to love are still here, but they may have moved slightly.  Also, some of the links may not be pointing to the right places, some of the formatting might be slightly off, etc.  I imagine most of these issues will be rectified in short order, but until then, please bear with us.

If you really want to get involved, you can always contact me to let me know what the particular problem you have found is.