There are a lot of different ways that you can get in touch with me, and see what’s going on.  Here are some of the major venues that I maintain to present materials to students and colleagues:

Contact Me Via Email:

Use the form below to contact me if you are NOT a Deer Park Student.  Colleagues should check the FAQ page prior to contacting me to make sure that their question isn’t already answered there.

Note:  If you are a Deer Park student, you are required to contact me at my district email address (from your district email address) or at the DPKnuffke Twitter Feed.  I will not respond to any other mode of contact if you are a DP Student.  

Other Contact:

If email is not your thing, I have a presence on most major communication platforms.

I can also be reached in physical space via my district phone:  631-274-4000 x7208

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