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Note on the Status of mrknuffke.net


It appears that I’ve gone and taken a position as the Curriculum Associate for Science & Technology in Deer Park UFSD (the place where I have spent my entire career to this point as a teacher).  Among other things that means that I’m not teaching classes anymore, which is why you may have noticed that the front page of this site has not updated to start posting HW assignments this year.

But What About The Goods?

Aside from my students, the major portion of mrknuffke.net traffic consists of teachers and students from other places, who are accessing the resources that are available.  For the near-term (at least for the entirety of the 2016-2017 school year), these resources will remain available at the same place on this site that they have always been available (Chemistry here, and AP Biology here).  I am not taking them down, and in fact I am in the middle of an AP Biology Video rollout for each Course Domain that I plan to continue until it’s finished (though that might now take a bit longer than originally anticipated).  My web host for this site is awesome, and cheap.  I may eventually move everything over here to my other website, but if/when I do that, you will still be able to access it by typing “mrknuffke.net” into your web browser of choice.

What about <OTHER THING>?

I’m sure I have an answer.  Contact me to find out what it is.


Words can not express how awesome I think it is that so many people find this website useful for their own teaching.  I am fully aware that many people visit every day to use the stuff I’ve put here.  I promise that I won’t do anything to darken your instructional day without at least giving you a crapton of warning in advance.