Homework: Week of 2.3.14

Honors Chemistry

Monday, 2.4:

  • School cancelled.  Complete homework from Friday.

Tuesday, 2.5:

  • Complete Unit 7 packet, p. 32-35
  • Complete WSQ for Lesson 7.5- Stoichiometry of Formulas (1 video)
  • If you haven’t already done so:  Sign up for a midyear conference on the conference form (use your district google apps account info):
    • Log in at http://apps.deerparkschools.org
      • i. Your username is <first three letters of first name><last name>@deerparkschools.org
      • ii. Your password is dpsd<studentnumber>NOTE: If you are logging in from the deer park portal (the address above), you should NOT include the @deerparkschools.org in your username. Only include it if you are logging in from the general google sign in portal.

Wednesday, 2/6:

Thursday, 2/7:

  • Complete Unit 7 packet, pages 36 & 37

Friday, 2/8:

Period 1:

  • Complete Water Removal Experts Lab Report.

AP Bio

Monday 2.4:

  • School cancelled.  Complete homework from Friday.

Tuesday 2.5:

Wednesday, 2.6:

Thursday, 2.7:

Friday, 2.8:

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