Homework: Week of 5.28.14

Honors Chemistry

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Regents Review Book:  Chapters 15 & 16 

  • Read the chapters and complete all questions in the chapter.  Then compare your answers to the key at the end of the book.
  • Please bring in any questions you might have from this review to Extra Help.

Wednesday, 5.28

  • Study for tomorrow’s exam.
  • Continue working on Regents Review
  • Complete Organic Review Puzzle (if needed).
  • You can use both the Organic and Electrochem Review Puzzles on Tomorrow’s exam if you bring them.

Thursday, 5.29

  • Continue working on Regents Review

Friday, 5.30

  • Finish “Know thy Reference Tables” Activity (if necessary).  Submit on Monday (or take a penalty).

AP Biology

This week: