Homework: Week of 4.27.15

Honors Chemistry:

Monday, 4.27:

Period 1 Additional:

  • Complete the Oxidation and Reduction POGIL (if necessary)

Period 4 Additional:

  • Complete the Strong versus Weak Acids POGIL (if necessary)

Tuesday, 4.28:

Wednesday, 4.29:

Thursday, 4.30:

Friday, 5.1:

AP Biology:

Monday, 4.27:

  • You should be studying for the AP Exam every night.  Here’s the topic schedule for the week.
  • Complete Student Progress Sheet for Challenge Area 3.14 & 3.24 (in large packet of Student Progress Sheets).
  • Make sure you have enough examples as per the example list you received in class.

Tuesday, 4.28: