Homework: Week of 6.1.16

Wednesday, 6.1:

  • Diagnostic Test 11 and 12 are due tomorrow.  You must hand in the scan sheet for each one (answer short answer questions on the back).  Here is a blank scan sheet if you lose the ones you recieved in class.  Please don’t cheat on these.  There is no reason to, and you’ll only be hurting your review opportunity.
  • Your Chemical Reaction Project is due tomorrow
  • Math/Constructed Response Practice (given out last week) is due on Friday, 6.3.
  • Do memrise words every day.
  • Keep reviewing WSQ2 videos from the year. Here is a webpage that correlates questions from the diagnostic exam to WSQ2 videos.  Focus on the videos that deal with questions that you got wrong.  Here are all of the unit playlists.  Try to watch one a day.  Actively watch them (don’t just sit there.  Maybe add to your original WSQ2/notes, or make a list of things you still don’t understand/have questions about).  Also remember that each unit page on mrknuffke.net has other videos and resources below each WSQ2 video to help you learn the material.
  • Regents Review Live Streams are set for Saturday, June 18th.  Here is the schedule of times and topics.  Please submit your questions on this form by Sunday, June 12th.  Use this resource as much as you can!
  • I have released several review question sets for each topic on CastleLearning.  If I were you, I’d do at least one per day from here until the exam.
  • Please bring in your textbook if you haven’t already done so.
  • SAT2 Review:

Thursday, 6.2:

Friday, 6.3:

AP Biology:

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