AP Bio- Domain 0. Introduction & Science Practices

Domain Materials

In-Class Slides


1. mrknuffke.net- General Use

2. mrknuffke.net- AP Bio Pages


Course Introduction

Pre-Discussion Questions

Domain 0. Discussion Notes

My notes for the domain.  Written by me, for me.

Domain 0. Activities

Domain 0. Labs

Other Resources:

Learn.Genetics Resources

PhET Simulations

Plinko Probability

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5 thoughts on “AP Bio- Domain 0. Introduction & Science Practices”

  1. First off – thank you for all of the great resources here. I am going to be teaching this fort he first time this year and I am overwhelmed. What do you use for “models” do you have your students analyze in the intro activity?

    1. I’ve used various things. Being that a model is any representation of a concept, you are not limited. Try giving students a variety of types of models (a graph, a diagram, an equation, etc.)

  2. I am a veteran teacher, and I am struggling with the Big Ideas. I am so glad that you have posted these resources. I will feel a little more comfortable teaching this coming year. Thank you so very much!

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