AP Bio-Domain 0. Activities


Summer Assignment

AP Bio Rules, Grades, Procedures

AP Bio Learning Plan

Adapted by me from original work done by Bob Kuhn.

Summative Assessment Corrections Procedures

What A Scientific Explanation Looks Like

Adapted by me from Sutherland, McNeill, & Colson in Linking science & literacy in the classroom

Scientific Explanation Tool

From BSCS.

AP Biology Formula Sheet

From The College Board

Course-Aligned Activities:

Science Practice 1:

Model Analysis Activity

Working in groups of three or four, analyze a model:

  • Graphically represent the model.
  • Explain what it being modeled.
  • Describe the simplifications in the model.

Science Practice 2:

Using appropriate mathematics.

Estimation Activity

Estimate each of the following:

  • The number of students in the school.
  • The number of people in deer park.
  • The number of hairs on your arm.

How is the process that you use similar for each of these activities? How is it different?

Science Practice 3:

Asking scientific questions.

Scientific Questioning Activity

Working in groups of three or four, ask some questions:

  • Pick an area of biology that interests you.
  • Write two examples of scientifically valid questions.
  • Write two examples of scientifically invalid questions

What makes a particular question more or less valid for scientific inquiry?
Revise your scientifically invalid questions to make them valid.

Science Practice 4:

Collecting data.Performance Indicators:

Data Collection Activity

You are interested in investigating the feeding preferences of slugs.

  • Determine how you are going to collect data.
  • Determine what data you will collect.
  • Explain how your data will help you address your question.

Science Practice 5:

Analyzing data.

Statistics Worksheets

From Duncan Rhodes (I think)

Science Practice 6:

Working with explanations and theories.

Space Invaders

Adapted by Bob Kuhn from a variety of sources.

The Explanation Tool

Developed by BSCS.

Science Practice 7:

Connecting domains of knowledge.

Inter-Domain Thinking Activity

Choose one of the following statements of biological knowledge:

  • Living systems must acquire energy from the environment.
  • The cell is the fundamental unit of organization in living systems.
  • All living systems share a common ancestor billions of years ago.

List the knowledge from other scientific fields that will inform and support your chosen statement.

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    1. You take pipe cleaners and arrange them so that they have two things in common (usually a spatial and a shape thing) per color. So the green ones might all be squares that are found in the back of the room, the white ones might only occur in pairs at the corners, etc.

      Truth be told, I’m of the opinion there are better things to do than this activity. I don’t do it anymore.

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