AP Bio-Domain 7. Activities

Course-Aligned Activities

Standard 7.1

Organisms exhibit complex properties due to interactions between their constituent parts.

Physiology Challenges

Animal physiology challenge created by Kim Foglia.

Standard 7.2

Organisms respond to changes in their external environments.Activities:

No Current Activities

Standard 7.3

Interactions among living systems and with their environment result in the movement of matter and energy.”Dust Bowl Food Chain” Argumentation Activity

Dust Bowl Food Chain” Argumentation Activity

Standard 7.4

All biological systems from cells and organisms to populations, communities and ecosystems are affected by complex biotic and abiotic interactions involving exchange of matter and free energy.

Eutrophication POGIL

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Standard 7.5

The level of variation in a population affects population dynamics.

No Current Activities

Standard 7.6

Interactions between and within populations influence patterns of species distribution and abundance.

Wolf-Sheep Predation Simulation:

Wolf Sheep Predation

Standard 7.7

Communities are composed of populations of organisms that interact in complex ways.

Population Math

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Standard 7.8

The diversity of species within an ecosystem may influence the stability of the ecosystem.

No Current Activities

Standard 7.9

Distribution of local and global ecosystems changes over time.

Climate Change POGIL

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