AP Biology Laboratories

Lab Guidelines:

Safety Contract

Formal Lab Report Guidelines

Mini-Poster Guidelines

Cookbook Template


Organism Care Information:

Fast Plants (Brassica rapa)

Fastplant Growing Instructions

From Fastplants.org

Bottle Growing System Construction

From Fastplants.org

Cabbage White Butterflies (Pieris rapae)

Butterfly Care Instructions

From Fastplants.org

Introduction & Science Practices:

Pillbug Behavior

Adapted from a lab by The College Board

Domain 1: Evolution

Fast Plant Artificial Selection

From The College Board

Hardy-Weinberg Population Genetics Simulation

Adapted by Kim Foglia from a lab by The College Board

Phylogenetic Analysis

Mollusc Phylogeny


Note: Though this lab uses clustalW and NJPlot, I have my students use the phylogeny.fr website.

BLAST Analysis

From The College Board

Marine Mammal Phylogeny

Note: This activity is written to use the Next Generation Biology Workbench. It can be easily adapted for other analytical tools/websites.

Phylogeny Inquiry Planning Document

Phylogeny Article Write-up Guidelines

Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium Modeling

Domain 2: Matter

Diffusion/Osmosis Argumentation Lab

Microscopy Introduction/Training Lab

Domain 3: Energy

Rate of Paperase Enzyme Simulation Lab

Rate of Catalase Lab



From The College Board


From The College Board

Domain 4: Information

Protein Synthesis Modeling

From Kim Foglia

Restriction Enzyme Digest Simulation

From Kim Foglia

Bacterial Transformation

From BioRad

Cell Division Argumentation Lab

From Bob Kuhn, data for part 2 from Dr. Elizabeth Cowles.

Restriction Enzyme Digest Lab

From CESAME. Can not be legally posted in public webspace.


From CESAME. Can not be legally posted in public webspace.

Drosophila Virtual Genetics Lab



Domain 5: Regulation


From The College Board

Domain 6: Communication

Inquiry into Human Reaction Rate

Fruit Fly Behavior

From The College Board

Domain 7: Interactions

Modeling Population Growth

Adapted from an idea by Brad Williamson and BSCS.

Energy Dynamics

From The College Board

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