Chemistry Units:

Each link below will take you to the page for that unit.

Introductory Materials

Unit 1- Science is a Verb

Unit 2- Matter & Energy

Unit 3- Phases of Matter

Unit 4- The Nucleus

Unit 5- Electrons

Unit 6- Periodic Table & Bonding

Unit 7- Compounds

Unit 8- Reactions

Unit 9- Kinetics, Equilibrium & Thermodynamics

Unit 10- Solutions

Unit 11- Acids & Bases

Unit 12- Electrochemistry

Unit 13- Organic Chemistry


Class Resources:

My YouTube Channel

The source of all the videos you have to watch.

Other Chemistry Video Channels:

Course Textbook:

Electronic Course Textbook

We use the CK12 Intermediate Chemistry Flexbook.  The header link will take you to a downloadable .pdf.  The link in the first sentence will take you to the online version.

Chemistry Textbook Problem Correlation

Correlation of textbook problems (for both the online and physical texts) to units of the course.

Reference Tables:

General Reference Tables (for all students)

Honors Extra Reference Tables (Honors Chemistry Only)

Exam Review Sheets

Chemistry Web Links:

A list of websites that are useful to chemistry students.  Some are used in class directly, others are provided to help you help yourself.

Other Web Links:

A list of other websites that might be useful for chemistry students, but are not directly related to the course.

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